Work with us

Our experience enables us to guarantee supplies with the best quality on the market.

Why Greentastic?

More than 40 years of experience, excellence and knowledge of the sector.

Direct, comprehensive sole supplier with our own extensive production: from the field to the supermarket shelf.

We guarantee our supply capacity, availability and speed in the delivery of our produce.

Leader in categories in terms of volume and growth.

Traceability and food safety guarantee.

Extensive portfolio of consistent, uniform quality products.

Focused on a sustainable future for all.

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Strategic partner of the main European distribution chains.

How we do it

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We offer you optimum efficiency, through our own logistics service.

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We pioneer the highest food safety standards at international level.

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We are trusted farmers: we have been farming the land and supplying homes for many generations.

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Production capacity: We optimise production volume and grow our produce in locations that minimise risk thanks to their climatology.

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We develop and monitor the entire production cycle, from the seedbed to the supermarket shelf.