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Know-how, quality and powerful logistics at the service of our customers. The following companies make up our group


A family business founded by enterprising farmers. They have been leaders in the production, handling, marketing and distribution of vegetables in Europe since 1981.

40 years of experience, a team of over 1200 workers and the most innovative farming and logistics technology all combine to make them leading producers and exporters of fruit and vegetables, especially iceberg lettuce, lettuce hearts, broccoli and watermelons.


Since 1990, Amaco, have grown, marketed and exported fruit and vegetables, offering their customers total freshness and a wide variety of products, with a great capacity for supply and service in Europe.

Thanks to their control of the entire value chain from the early production stages, they are able to offer higher quality and traceability of their products, in compliance with the highest worldwide standards.


NatVeg have been leading producers and distributors of broccoli at the highest level for over 35 years. They currently produce, export and distribute a wide variety of vegetables.

Fully established as one of the pioneering companies within the Spanish agricultural sector in the implementation of protocols of the highest quality standards and cutting-edge technology, Natveg have a wide variety of crops and packaged produce to satisfy the demands of their most demanding customers.